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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas through the Eyes of a Child

Three-year-olds don't have much (if any) memory of their previous Christmases, but they are capable of understanding much of what goes on, they get excited by all of the unusual activities, and their excitement is both infectious and heartening.  (They're also easily overwhelmed, but we take that in stride as best we can.)  For Christmas, I thought I'd share a few moments of Zaxxon enjoying the holiday, to remind myself to see Christmas through his eyes.

When I climbed up on the roof to put Christmas lights up (it's long been our tradition, except when I've been pregnant, for me to put them up and hubby to take them down) Zaxxon got really excited.  He started stringing pieces of yarn all over the bushes to "help" me decorate.  He also really wanted to get up on the roof.  Had it just been me, the answer would have been a non-negotiable NO, but hubby had a better feeling that he'd be able to keep him safe and under control, so I let hubby bring him up.  Can you say E-X-C-I-T-E-D?!!
I put up a few more lights on our bushes and trees, that same evening after dark.  Right after I started, a front blew in and it was quite cold and windy, but that didn't stop Zaxxon from running outside to see what I was doing and "help" some more--even without shoes on.  When you're three, excitement and novelty trump comfort--which is why we have parents to pull us back inside until we're properly clothed, I suppose.

When we announced we were going to put up our Christmas tree, Zaxxon got excited all over again.  "With presents under (it)?" he wanted to know.  Well, yes, later on, once we have presents to put under it.  There's a tree in our house.  How much more exciting can this time of year get?
He didn't have much patience for stringing garlands, but the way he bounced around the house after I called it quits belied how much fun he was having, regardless.
Seeing something awesome (probably a fire truck) at the holiday parade
Visiting Santa.  Santa's actually a little scary for this age group.  Zaxxon didn't want to sit on his lap, but he was willing to sit on mine--though first he wandered the room for a while, not wanting to get too close.  We had to remind him that Santa needed to know what to bring him on Christmas.
And what infant could resist the fuzzy pom pom on the end of Santa's hat?
Zaxxon had a wonderful time decorating the tree.  Even after we were finished (we did it in several installments) he kept telling us he wanted to decorate more.  It has proved quite a temptation though--there are only a few ornaments we permit him to play with, and he's had trouble keeping his hands off.
Getting to decorate the cookies he helped bake.  You're going to let me use frosting?!!!  YUM!!!
Christmas lights are very exciting to a three-year-old.  The whole night is lit up special. 
We spent one night just driving around, looking at everybody's lights.  We even stopped at a house near our old apartment, where they go completely nuts.

Even a chore like shoveling snow is fun when you're three.
As Christmas draws nearer, there's so much more anticipation.  There are presents under the tree now, which are not to be unwrapped until Christmas.  Zaxxon has been "playing" presents a lot, putting toys into an empty box or bag, closing it up, giving it to us and insisting we open it.  We've done a lot of baking, present wrapping, looking at lights, story reading, and finding an elf who migrates around our house each day.  We're eagerly awaiting the arrival of Santa, and of the special day spent with those we love.  Santa comes tonight.  Tomorrow, we enjoy the chaos.  This will be the first Christmas Zaxxon is likely to remember long-term, and is Kal'El's first Christmas period.  We will have fun.  We will rejoice.  We will probably drive one another just a little bit nuts.  Life is good.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!!!

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