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Friday, April 9, 2010

Alas, why do children take so long?

I have determined that my son and I will no longer spontaneously visit my husband for lunch--at least, not until after we sell our house.

If I plan ahead, I could make lunch for my son and I the night before, and then getting out the door would be as simple as cleaning up the kitchen after breakfast (not all that simple, but less complicated than trying to make lunch, too.)  The biggest problem here is the "cleaning up the kitchen" part--which I cannot put off these days.  If we weren't trying to sell the house and I wanted to get out the door for any reason, I could simply put off cleaning up until naptime (especially if my son is acting clingy.)  But alas, since I never know when someone might call and want to view our house, I have to keep it in nice condition at all times.  (So far, no one has called and come over quickly while we've been out, but our old friend Murphy will likely see to it that the day I choose not to clean up will be the day that happens.)

We actually had a place to go before my husband's work today, and thankfully his schedule is flexible enough that we were able to arrive later:  we went to a park near a house we're considering buying.  Whoa, whoa, wait a minute!  We haven't sold our house yet, how can we be looking at one seriously enough to check out the local parks?  Well... this particular house is the one that has spoken to us most, so far.  Granted, we can't buy until we sell (please, please sell soon!) but we're trying to keep track of the market a bit, so once we DO sell, we'll be ready (or close to ready) to move on a purchase.  The story behind this particular house is quite complicated, so I won't go into it here, but suffice to say that it's in an area and school district we like, and my husband's commute would be right around 10 minutes (much better than the ~30 it is now!)  My impression of the park was excellent--no graffiti, it had lots of good equipment--and there were several parents with small children playing today, so I was able to ask them how they liked the area.  I got several emphatic replies of "we love it," so that's a good sign.  Now we just need to sell!

(C'mon, SELL!)

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Sue Lewczyk said...

Tempt fate, Eileen. Don't clean the kitchen, that way someone will come, you'll hurry and go crazy. That someone will buy the house. Simple. Then you can go about buying a new place. I'm full of great advice. You don't even have to ask me!!