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Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Evolution of Adoration

I realized something recently, while browsing through old pictures of my son--and that is that love and adoration evolve.

There are a handful of pictures of my son from his early months that are absolutely adorable. They tugged at my heartstrings, and they were my favorites. I'm realizing that although they are still adorable, they don't tug at my heartstrings in the same way--new pictures take over that role, and the old ones aren't quite as attractive as they once were. It made me realize that my heart has been hardwired to this kid, and I find him most adorable at this moment in his life. (I wonder how long that will go on for...will I still find him the most adorable thing on earth when he wears a scowl and starts growing facial hair? I guess we'll find out!)

This makes sense from a survival standpoint--it's a way to make sure we take care of our offspring. But my son is just so darn cute, it's hard to imagine that anyone wouldn't find him adorable, or that any forces could be swaying my image of him!

My current favorite

Some of my old favorites


Carla Gade said...

He's adorable! And boys are great!!!!
My "boys" just turned 23 and about to turn 22 - 13 months apart. I still enjoy them immensely even at this "stage".

Linda said...

Yes, they are great pictures!
There were a few years in the life of my older son- mid to late teens- when I rarely found him 'adorable' and looked back at early pictures with longing. But we made it through and all of my kids are very enjoyable adults now and I still love getting new pictures.

Cyndy Rhoadarmer said...

I know that as my 3 children grew up I enjoyed them more and more. It was fun to take them places and have them be independent, too - not like you have to keep an eye on them all the time. And then to be able to carry on intelligent converstaions with them. I enjoy the fact that as adults they still enjoy vacationing with us (and us with them).

Crystal said...

VERY CUTE!!!!Love the first on in the overalls

Eileen Rhoadarmer said...

Thanks everyone! The one in the carseat was my favorite for a long time--it was so sweet, him looking up at his daddy in adoration. It was this photo, more than anything, that led me to make this particular realization.