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Thursday, April 1, 2010

March Stat Check

During the month of March, I wrote on 13 of the days--and all but two of them were since the 19th
I polished up a very short science fiction story, and spent the rest of the month working on a rewrite of a mystery story.
I sent 5 submissions
I received 3 rejections--and they all came clustered at the beginning of the month
I have 8 stories now in slush pile circulation
I took between 10 and 19 days to resubmit a story after a rejection
I made 9 blog posts
Between writing and this blog, there were 14 days in which I did nothing

The only goal from March that I met was getting another story out into circulation.  Unfortunately, I let the house take over my time and my creative energy.  In fact, I'm still pretty sleep deprived, although that's partly due to the fact that I am writing again.  I've managed to do so every day since the 23rd.  Since naptime has been used to take care of  other things--like cleaning, real estate stuff, baking, and dealing with the week-long saga to fix the water valve in the new (used) fridge--my creative time has been after my son has gone to bed.  In fact, I've modified my sleep-deprivation routine to involve staying up way too late writing (rather than packing or reading.)

Hopefully, in April I ought to be able to write nearly every day, get stories out to new markets within a week of rejections, and get some blog networking done.  (Ha, I say that now.  Watch, we'll actually sell the house and then I'll have even less time.  But hey, that'd be a fantastic dilemma, I think.)  My blog goal for number of posts for March was actually a little high.  I'd been thinking every 2-3 days, which would be 10-15 posts, not 14-15...so 9 isn't bad, even though they came in clumps.  I'm hoping for a slighly more calm April and creatively productive.

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