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Monday, April 19, 2010

The Ultimate Blog Party is over

Am I behind the times or what?  Unfortunately, I'm changing over to a new laptop (well, a hand-me-down, but it's newer than my last) and things are taking a while.  The old one often moves as slowly as if it were dial-up (if those comcast turtles came to my house, they'd be in heaven) and the new one still needs a bunch of updates--for some reason, the blogger compose software is not yet compatible with it--so I'm switching back and forth between the two.  If the wireless part of my modem worked, I could have both online at the same time, but... well, I hate dealing with customer service when I have a feeling they'd just tell me it's time to buy a new modem.

At any rate, the Ultimate Blog party was a great way to do some networking.  I'm quite crunched for time, so I didn't browse nearly as many as I'd like, but the links are still there, so I'll probably keep going back!  And guess what?  I WON SOMETHING!!!

How about that?  I NEVER win things, but this time I did.  I won some tea and a tea ball from Littles Rule the Roost.  How awesome is that?  I'll post pics of me drinking my yummy new tea after my spectacular prize arrives.  I'll get to be like Picard:  Tea, Earl Grey, hot.

Perhaps it's time for me to go out and buy a lottery ticket though, because today I received a letter in the mail from the Lego Outlet store saying that my guess was closest (they had a giant Spongebob made of legos and were having a contest to see who could guess how many legos he took to build) and I won a $20 gift card to Lego!  These things are supposed to come in threes, right?  My husband said maybe the third would be a writing contest.  That'd be almost as good as a lottery win--I've got a story at the Writers of the Future contest now.

There were some great blogs at the UBP (and many I couldn't figure out how to follow since they weren't blogspot blogs, and I haven't joined networked blogs or anything yet) but below are a few that I found and enjoyed.  I mostly looked at ones that involved books/reading, and also the blogs of people who came to visit me.  Lastly, I checked out the ones whose titles grabbed me.

Writing to Distraction - a fun one by a writer of historical fiction
Happy Birthday Author - a daddy blogger who helps his children navigate the library by choosing books by authors on their birthdays
Bookie Woogie - another daddy blogger who discusses books with his kids and shares their book-related artwork

I've also only barely checked out Littles Rule the Roost, but it seems like a fun one.

Well, this post has taken me far too long to create, and I need to write for at least 15 minutes before bed or I won't feel like I've done anything with that, so I'm signing off.  Nice to "meet" everybody from the party!  I hope you'll keep coming back, and I look forward to getting to know you all better!

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