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Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's Happening Again - I'm Procrastinating

I finished the mystery story! Finally! Actually, I finished it on the 2nd, and managed to rewrite a science fiction story by the 6th--which I proceeded to post as my first story to Critters (nobody's critiqued it yet, it takes 3-4 weeks for each story to move to the top of the queue, so it's set to go out on May 5.) Since that time, I've been working on rewriting a time travel story (that I was ashamed to realize I wrote over two years ago, and haven't touched since.)

Among other things, I discovered that the ending was very mean. I do that a lot according to my husband--I'm often not nice to my characters. I'll have to hope that I'm never forced to meet them through some Jasper Ffordeian twist--they might gang up on me.

At any rate, not only was the ending mean, it also was highly improbable, so I decided it could use some work. And that's when I got stuck again. I'm just not sure how it's going to end. Basically, the protagonist needs to make a decision, and she's not being very forthcoming about it. So I procrastinate. I've rewritten the part leading up to her decision twice (and I may reorganize it again) but I, or she, have not made up our minds. At least this time, I've only taken one day off--although my two-week hiatus the last time I got stuck was partly due to the distractions of packing up a house, though it was easy to let myself get distracted when I was also stuck. I suppose I ought to just write this one both ways and see which works better.

This one also still needs a title. It's about time travel and screwing up the timeline, but told from a (I hope) new perspective. Any ideas?

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Linda said...

Sorry, no title suggestions here, but I for one, am a sucker for a happy ending.