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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Catching Up on Kiddie Crafts

Zaxxon and I have been doing crafts again (infrequently, some weeks have a lot and then we skip some altogether) since early August, but I'm only just now getting caught up on photos and trying to get back in the swing of blogging.  So here's the lowdown on the crafts we've been doing.

We started back up with the letter "A" (we haven't been doing them in order.)  He knew this one already, but I'm trying to "officially" introduce each letter, because I want to make a big book for him out of the posters we make.  Here, he's coloring the "A" pictures.

A is for Alligator!  We spent a day making an alligator out of a paper towel tube...
...(complete with pinking-shear cut teeth)...
...an alligator bag out of fabric...
...and we turned an "A" on its side and made it into an alligator head.  My mom, who used to teach preschool, liked this one and wished she could have had the chance to use it herself.

We then continued the "A" theme with "A is for apples."  We pasted together the parts to make a whole and an eaten apple.  I thought it was funny that he didn't want to put the worm in the apple.  It had to be far away.

He even managed to draw an "A" all on his own!

We also made apples out of a cut-up egg carton.  (We snacked on apples after we made all these crafts, too)

We were preparing to go on an airplane ride around this time, so we talked about airplanes a lot.  I made him some paper ones, and he painted some wooden airplanes too.

I attempted to incorporate more movement into the next letter we introduced, "D."  After he colored the pictures and helped me cut them out, I spread them on the floor and asked him to bring them to me.  It kept him busy, though he didn't want to listen and bring the picture I asked for.

D is for Dinosaur!  We made one out of a paper plate.

He also got to dissolve capsules and watch sponge dinosaurs expand.  These were a bit of a disappointment, as they were much smaller than I had hoped for, and they also took longer than his attention span allowed.
He loved the end result, though.

Next was "D is for Dog"

And for "Dice."  This was hard for him to put together, so I had to help with a lot of it.

D is for Dump Truck!  I cut up an egg carton for Zaxxon, he decorated it, and then I taped the dump truck together.

That's about a month of crafts from our household.  There are more to catch up on, but I'll save those for another post.  (This one is long enough already.)

Tot School

I'm linking this up with Tot School.  Check them out if you'd like more ideas for crafts to do with young kids!


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waaaaaaaay cute blog! Love it! Looks like you guys had a fun week! I'd love for you to link up at my TGIF linky Party http://livinglifeintentionally.blogspot.com/search/label/Linkey%20Parties - I am also your newest follower. I'd love for you to follow me back, if you want =-)

CNHolmberg said...

How cute! I love that you're a crafty mom--I fear I won't be, and this stuff is just precious. ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow, lot's of fun crafts! I love the Alligator paper towel tube. how cute!