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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Quack, Peep, and Chirp

We've already had two big snowstorms this year (ironically on the past two Wednesdays, with warm weather the preceding Monday and cooler weather the preceding Tuesday) and I'm loving the fact that Zaxxon is old enough to appreciate playing in the snow.  We didn't get enough of it last year to do much playing, and the year before that I would bundle him up only to have him start fussing long before I was ready to go in (you can read that to mean before I'd finished shoveling.)  But this year he LOVES it.  Most of our snow sculpting is still done by me, but he helps and enjoys running around, falling in the snow, and eating it.

I seriously doubt anyone reading the blog will recognize these characters (unless our librarian stops by again) but they come from a kids' show called "Peep and the Big Wide World."  Peep (the yellow one) is a chick, Chirp (the red one) is a bird, and Quack (the blue one), if you can believe it, is a duck.  The show basically encourages scientific exploration for kids.  I think it's kind of bizarre, but Zaxxon loves it.  In fact, he loves them so much that I'm already considering them for next year's Halloween costumes (if he still likes them by then, of course.)
So I made them out of snow.  They're pretty easy, considering they're balls (or in Quack's case, an oval.)  What do you think?

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CNHolmberg said...

Ha ha ha.... nice.