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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Funny... I Write Better When I'm Rested

Kal'El has been sick for the last week.  Well, technically both boys have runny noses and a cough, but Zaxxon has taken it in stride.  For Kal'El, though, it's his first major illness and he has been UP. ALL. NIGHT.

Okay, so I exaggerate.  But the first few nights, it took me 90 minutes to settle him AFTER the 30-40 required to feed him.  This is from a kid who's been sleeping through the night for more than a month now.  We got a little relief after putting the humidifier in his room and putting him to sleep in the chair from his swing, to keep his head elevated.  However, he was still waking up in the night.  One night in particular, he started fussing before I even went to bed, so I was really lacking sleep that time.

Through all this, I've continued to write.  However, if I don't get some good time with both boys napping at the same time, writing tends to be the last thing I do before bed.  And when I'm already running on empty, that means doing it while exhausted.

There have been a few nights when I've kind of cheated--just entering a few pages of mindless revisions before seeking my bed.  It's not really doing much writing, but at least it's something.  I diverted my attention to a new story instead of revising my novel on a few of the sick days because I think it's easier to work on something new.  Even if what I wrote turns out to need serious revision, it's better than trying to revise (i.e. make my novel better) and only making it worse.

The good news is, the colds seem to be on the wane.  Kal'El is currently napping--in his crib again--and seems to be handling it okay.  He took a short nap earlier today in his crib and didn't wake up super congested, plus he FINALLY SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT again last night, so I'm hoping he's feeling better.  Me, I should post this and take advantage of the time to write.  While I'm feeling awake.

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