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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Caught Up on Submissions!

Well, I've done it.  For the first time since Kal'El's birth (to be honest, for the first time since a few weeks before his birth) I have all of my ready-to-submit stories out to markets.  It took me nearly six months, but I'm finally back on track!

There are, of course, a few caveats to this feat.  One of my stories has been sitting with a market for well over a year, and I need to figure out what's going on there.  I sent one query through an online form about two weeks ago and have heard nothing, so I'll need to look for other ways to query.  If they're still holding it as a possibility that's all to the good, but I'd like to know (and I really REALLY hope this one wasn't lost as it would really stink to not have done anything with it for a year for no reason.)  I also have another story that is ready for me to format and start submitting but I just haven't gotten around to yet, plus two more that probably don't need more than another readthrough and possibly a tweak or two before they're ready, so I ought to get on those--though realistically that probably won't happen until a few Christmas projects are done.  But I just feel good to have submitted everything back out that should have been submitted (possibly numerous times) months ago.

Let the rejection letters roll!  (With hopefully an acceptance or two thrown in!!!  That is the name of the game, after all.)

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CNHolmberg said...

Awesome! Hopefully the acceptances start pouring in. ;)