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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October Stat Check

During the month of October, I wrote (or edited) on all 31 days
I spent the entire month editing my novel
I made 0 submissions - FAIL!
I received 1 rejection
I learned that one of my sales wasn't getting published, though since then I've heard a tentative possibility, but it would involve a letter sum of money--no details yet
I have 2 stories currently in slush pile circulation
I made 8 blog posts
I took no days off

Writing/editing was okay, though many days only met a bare minimum of my personal requirement.  It was a busy month, what with Zaxxon's third birthday and making Halloween costumes.  Oh, and speaking of costumes, here's a pic of us in our coordinated Family of Crayola Crayons costumes:
When it comes to submissions, this month was an EPIC FAIL!  If I recall, my goal last month was to get them all resubbed in the first week.  Well, I didn't do a single sub all month.  Bad, bad, bad.  Hopefully now that Halloween is over and a good deal of the work involved in finishing the other half of our garage is complete, I can get things subbed before the next wave of holiday craziness.  Hopefully.  Because my stories don't get sold by sitting on my computer, gathering virtual dust.

Here's to a slightly-more-productive November!

1 comment:

CNHolmberg said...

Ha ha, love the costumes. And good luck with submissions. (I'm tempted to say, "go get 'em, tiger.")

Also, the Pac man pumpkins were only two, and I ended up not running in the Undead Race (I have a list of excuses as to why, including whiplash from falling down the stairs.)

We get told that we look really young a lot. ;) But I definitely do not think you look old! (Just a little violet. Har har.)